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8/9/05 01:40 pm - drmonkeysnack

Dear Dr. Monkeh,

I'm writing to get your opinion on a problem that I have never come across before with the hopes that you can either help me to see the light or tell me, yes, you're right, that's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!

My mother-in-law recently got back from visiting my sister-in-law and new granddaughter. When she returned she had an entire suitcase of clothes for my teenage daughters. The clothes were sent by my sister-in-law, who decided she no longer wanted to be that skinny (could it be that she can't get that skinny again, after having a baby?), with the request that they please send back whatever they did not want so that she could "sell" them. Now, I'm not sure exactly what that means, maybe she is planning on taking them to a consignment store or something, but anyway, that's not the problem. I'm sure that my MIL can haul the same suitcase back to Atlanta with her on one of her many visits. The problem is that MIL told my girls that they should send SIL a gift card to thank her for sending the clothes.

Have you ever heard of such a thing? There are many reasons why I think this is ridiculous. 1) my daughters never asked for the clothes, so that would make them a gift; 2) they don't really have a lot of money: they are 19 years old, one is going to school full-time and working the rest of the time to pay her other bills and the other works full-time and owes me a ton of money (for reasons too long to explain), so any money she would spend on a gift card would be almost like taking it out of my own hands to put into SIL’s hands; 3) SIL has very expensive taste, she shops at BCBG and Bebe, so a $25 gift card to Old Navy would not do it. It would have to be at least $50 to even put a dent in anything she would want to buy; and 4) she never pitched in for a 60th birthday party we all had for my mother-law last year because she said that she could not afford to, when in the meantime she went and bought stone crabs for herself and 3 music CD's. It is because of this that she and her brother (my husband) have not spoken in over a year. She probably has no idea that MIL suggested the gift card, but I do have to wonder if she indicated that she expected something in return. If so, she's got some nerve! I would think a nice thank you card would be sufficient, but maybe I am just clueless when it comes to proper etiquette. What do you think?

Confused in Miami

Dear Who’s The One Giving The Gift, Anyway?,Collapse )
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